BiHMOD – a microsimulation tax and social benefits model for Bosnia and Herzegovina,  based on EUROMOD. Read more

WESTERN BALKAN MIGRATION NETWORK – We are currently acting as a coordinating partner of a recently established Western Balkans Migration Network (WB-MIGNET). Read more

Analysis of migration in Sarajevo Canton: Trends and effects. Read more

Expert support to RCC in benchlearning among Western Balkan 6 Public Employment Services. Read more

Evaluating the Competitiveness of Three Value Chains in Canton Sarajevo

Life Skills Impact Evaluation. Read more

Performance Evaluation of the 2010-2013 USAID/BiH Development Grants Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read more  

Developing Handbook for Vocational Education and Training of Adults. Read more



EX-ANTE ASSESSMENT OF THE LOAN GUARANTEE FUNDS. We were selected by the Government of the Sarajevo Canton to conduct ex-ante assessment of expected effects of the loan guarantee funds that will soon be provided to the enterprizes in the Canton. Read more

DEVELOPMENT OF GUIDELINES FOR EDUCATION STATISTICS IN BiH. We were selected by the RS Agency for development of small and medium-sized enterprizes to conduct an assessment of the current educational statistics and develop guidelines for its improvement. Read more

STRENGTHENING THE LABOUR MARKET RESEARCH NETWORK-TOWARD THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF UNEMPLOYMENT IN THE WESTERN BALKANS – We currently participate in a project “Strengthening the Labour Market Research Network – Toward the Understanding of the Political Economy of Unemployment in the Western Balkan”, led by FREN Belgrade. Read more …