About us

Centre for Development Evaluation and Social Science Research (CDESS) is an independent non-profit and non-partisan think-tank, with a mission of strengthening the culture of evidence-based policy making in BiH and the Western Balkans region. We do it by producing high-quality evaluations of programs and policies, as well as research in social sciences, using state-of-the-art methodological approaches. We expect that our work will contribute to improving the effectiveness of a wide range of projects, programs, policies and organizations. We are also committed to building evaluation capacities in the country by offering a range of training programs to both evaluators and policy makers.

Our research areas cover the most relevant topics for evaluation of programs and policies in the country and include labour market and migration, education, financial inclusion, social welfare issues and local economic development.

Our research fellows are the leading researchers in respective field in BiH, together making Centre one of the strongest research community on the country. Majority of our experts have obtained their formal education from leading international universities and have rich experience in providing evaluation and research services to international organization and institutions in BiH. Our main strength is expertize in quantitative research methods.

The Center participates in a number of regional and international research network, which allow us to use external expertise in discussion of specific methodological issues that can be raised during the project implementation. Such a support, in addition to expertise of the proposed team members assures successful implementation of the project and high-quality of outputs, which we are strongly committed to.